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                                                                                                              (Photo courtesy of Dogfael)


The Aberystwyth University Ceramics Collection is one of the most important collections of ceramics in Britain.  The collection is focused on studio ceramics from 1920 to 1940, with most of the acquisitions been made during this period.  Although these have been added to in more recent times, with contemporary ceramics, as the collection continues to grow.


I'm hoping I'll get to visit one day, but until I do, there is a website full of images of the most beautiful pots, a few of which came from Poole.  I've copied a few examples below (with the kind permission of the curator), and the rest you can view for yourself following this link

Aberystwyth University Ceramics Collection

Once there, click the link for "A-Z makers and countries" 

and look up P for (Poole Pottery) Carter, Stabler and Adams, or S for Phoebe Stabler



                     (Photo courtesy of Aberystwyth University Ceramics Collection)

Poole Pottery earthenware box with lid with peacock, CV pattern, thrown in red body,10cm high.  An identical box was displayed at the first Carter, Stabler and Adams exhibition held at Regent House, Kingsway, London, in October 1921, and can be seen in a photograph of the exhibition on page 37 of the Hayward and Atterbury Poole Pottery book.  A small CV pattern bowl can also be seen in the photo and I have one of these in my own collection.



                     (Photo courtesy of Aberystwyth University Ceramics Collection)

Poole Pottery earthenware vase in red body, NZ pattern designed by Truda Carter, shape number 947, 31cm tall.   Bought from 'The Challenge', Great Russell St, 1933 for 2.10s.



                     (Photo courtesy of Aberystwyth University Ceramics Collection)

Poole Pottery, Phoebe Stabler model "The Bull".  Press moulded in buff stoneware, 33cm tall.  Designed by Harold and Phoebe Stabler, 1914.  Bought from F & C Osier, 1923 for 6 guineas.



Getting There

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