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A lot of Poole Pottery is very reminiscent of some Western 20th Century Art. While I'm sure other potteries and areas of design have had a much more direct influence on Poole, and I have no documentary evidence for any of the parallels made below, these paintings/artists were all well known at the time, and for me the associations just feel right.  I'm sure other observers will make different and better connections, and I'd be grateful for any images to add to this page.


Possible Art Deco Influences


Franz Marc, Red Deer II -1912













Percy Wyndham Lewis, Composition - 1913

Vorticism was a short lived British art movement contemporaneous with Italian Futurism which, despite its obvious similarities, the Vorticists despised.


















Wassily Kandinsky - Composition VIII - 1923

Art Deco Poole Pottery Spill Vase 205 BY Nellie Bishton 1927-32

BY pattern, painted by Nellie Bishton 1927-32

Robert Delaunay, Circular Forms -1930 


Traditional Poole Vase in YE pattern painted by Clarice Heath

YE Pattern, Painted by Clarice Heath 1929-1940


Influences on the 1950's designs

This seems less fertile ground, but this is the best I can do


Henri Matisse, Le Lanceur De Couteaux (The Knife Thrower) - 1943  


Poole Pottery Contemporary Pattern Vase 185 YFC

YFC pattern painted by Silvia Davis 1952-62

Delphis plate painted by Jean Millership 1966-69

Barbara Hepworth, Sculpture with Colour (oval form) Pale Blue and Red - 1943

Poole Pottery Contemporary Pattern Vase Totum pattern 350 PY

Shape No. 350, Totem pattern (PY elaborate) painted on Alpine White with Mushroom Pink interior, by Diane Holloway 1952-58


Influences on 1960's and 70's


Piet Mondrian, Composition with Red, Green, and Blue - 1921






Poole Delphis 49 Wendy Smith

Wendy Smith 1976-77

Paul Klee, Golden-fish -1925



Poole Delphis 316 Pamela Bevans 1970

Pamela Bevans 1970

Ce n'est pas un poisson.  But there is something about the lines, and what looks almost like a watercolour wash, and the way it glows, that reminds me of Paul Klee's paintings.

Pablo Picasso Le Taureau - 1945

Poole Pottery Robert Jefferson Fish

 Robert Jefferson fish wall plaque - 1964

(licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 License.  Attribution: Photography by P.Thorpe)

Joan Miró, Scultore - 1974

This is a pretty late work by Miró, who was painting from the 1920's onwards, but it's the image I've found that to me looks most Poole-like.




Poole Delphis 91 Sarah Worrell 01

Sarah Worral, 1970



Jackson Pollock in action - 1950

Pollock was in full flood here.  I think he first started dripping, possibly more tentatively, a few years earlier.





Poole Delphis 49 Pamela Bevans

Pamela Bevans, 1970

This is one of my favourite dishes.  The Glaze on here is really thick and while i don't think it was splashed on, it does give that impression.

Franz Kline, Chief - 1950




Poole Delphis 4 Jean Millership

Jean Millership 1966-69

Patrick Heron Reclining Nude on Iron Bed, 1951


Andy Warhol, Marilyn - 1964

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