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Richard Dennis Gallery exhibition catalogue "Poole Pottery - Poole in the 1950's".  Published 1997.  21 pages with text by Paul Atterbury.  Nice illustrations of Freeform and Contemporary designs



Jennifer Hawkins "The Poole Potteries".  Published in 1980 by Barrie & Jenkins Ltd.  224 pages,  covering both the tile works and pottery up until 1964.  Lots of good technical detail, illustration mostly in black and white with a few colour plates.  Now out of print.



Leslie Hayward "Poole Pottery - Carter and Company and their Successors, 1873-2002".  Edited by Paul Atterbury.  Published in 2002 by Richard Dennis.  Updated from earlier edition.  240 pages crammed with great quality illustrations.  Has comprehensive appendix of factory and decorators marks.  Expensive book, but worth it. Now in its third reprint.


A Potter's Life - The Island Potters of Poole. Guy Sydenham

Guy Sydenham "A Potter's Life - The Island Potters of Poole".   Published in 1999 by Sansom and Company Ltd, in a limited edition of 1000 copies, the first 500 signed by the author, the second 500 I've been told were destroyed by mistake at the publishers.  The book catalogues the Potters life and has a couple of great chapters of first hand accounts of his time at Poole Pottery in the 1930's and in the 1950's/60's.


A Potter's Life II - Portland Rokko Art and Poole Pottery Revisited. Guy Sydenham and John Benfield

Guy Sydenham and John Benfield "A Potter's Life II - Portland Rokko Art and Poole Pottery Revisited"  Published in 2004 by Matador, in a limited edition of 500 copies numbered and signed by the authors.  Illustrated with later work by Guy Sydenham and offering further recollections of his time at Poole Pottery, including the people, politics and interesting technical details. 


Rena Jefferson "Robert Jefferson - The Quiet Virtuoso" Published in 2010 by Richard Dennis.  64 full colour pages.  Written in memory of the Authors husband who died in 1998, this lovely book covers the whole of Robert Jefferson career and includes a substantial chapter detailing his work at Poole Pottery 



Poole Pottery "The first 100 Years". Published in 1973.  48 pages designed by Jo Mckeown for Poole Pottery with text by Lucien Myers.  Little bit of 70s nostalgia.  Now out of print. 



Robert Prescott-Walker "Collecting Poole Pottery" Published in 2000 by Francis Joseph Publications. 140 pages, with an emphasis on Art Deco and Contemporary pieces, lots of colour illustrations and pleasantly optimistic price guide.










Will Farmer "Poole Pottery" published in  2011 by Shire Library 64 pages.  A5 size paperback giving a concise overview of Poole Pottery's history, with lots of full colour images, An affordable introduction ot the subject.


Harry Lyons "Exhibition of Poole Pottery Studio in the 1960's" catalogue from 1993.  24 pages with colour plates of Poole Studio and Delphis wares and informative text including a biography of Robert Jefferson, an interview with Guy Sydenham and contemporary articles reproduce from the Pottery Gazette



Christie's, South Kensington, London "The Poole Pottery Museum and Archive" sale catalogue Wednesday 31 March 2004.  50 pages, 291 lots illustrated, with price guide.  Many items can still be seen on public display at the Poole (Civic) Museum.  Foreword by Paul Atterbury.



This little 14 page visitors guide is packed full of optimism and pride and little snippets of information to be added to my website at some point. There are also lovely period photos of the workers that I hope to identify and maybe post if I can brave any copyright anxieties. No publication date is given but the contents date it to between 1966 and '68.







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