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Delphis Galleries


Delphis was the name used for all the Poole Pottery Studio output when it was first launched for retail in October 1963.  As other ranges were developed over the following years - Aegean and Atlantis -  Delphis was used to describe only the brightly coloured painted wares that are to be seen in these galleries.  The leading figures in the development of this pottery were the designer Robert Jefferson, potter Guy Sydenham, and Tony Moris who was employed for his painting skills.  


The Delphis range used a black wax resist technique to delineate abstract patterns.  Every piece is pretty much unique, with designs created by the decorators themselves, and with serendipity playing a big part too.  Marketed as "irreproducible", this was true freedom of expression that befits the 1960ís.

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These fantastic screen printed Poole tiles are not Delphis.  I think they were designed by Alfred Read in the mid-1950's

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To encourage this experimentation and creativity during the early years, each decorator would be given a few hours a week to produce their own work, be it models, tile panels, any artistic output they wanted.  However, Delphis became such a commercial success that demand began to encroach on these creative freedoms with over time been introduced and later with the painters terms of work  changed in 1972 from an hourly rate to piece work.

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