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The earliest factory marks on Poole Pottery date to the beginning of the 20th Century and bare the company name at the time Carter & Co, or just Carter's.  Later marks reflect the change in the company's name, becoming Carter, Stabler & Adams; Carter, Stabler & Adams Ltd; and eventually Poole Pottery.  Some marks are listed below but there are many others besides. 



Early mark no. 5 inscribed Carter Co Poole

Factory mark no. 5 inscribed Carter Co Poole in use between 1908-21



Poole Pottery Mark no 10 1921-1922

Factory mark no. 10 in use between 1921-22, found on grey semi-stoneware.  Stamp reads CARTER STABLER ADAMS POOLE



Carter Stabler and Adams Mark

Factory mark no. 11 in use between 1921-34.  Stamp reads CARTER STABLER ADAMS POOLE ENGLAND



Poole Pottery factory mark 15

Factory mark no. 15 in use between 1922-34.  Stamp reads POOLE ENGLAND, letters and border are raised.



Poole factory mark 18

Factory mark no. 18 in use between 1924-50.  Stamp reads POOLE ENGLAND, 1.9cm wide.



Poole factory mark 19

Factory mark no. 19 in use between 1924-50.  Smaller version of the above, 1.3cm wide.



Poole Pottery factory mark 20

Factory mark no. 20 in use between 1925-27.  Stamp reads CARTER STABLER ADAMS LD POOLE ENGLAND



Poole factory mark 21

Factory mark no. 21 in use between 1925-34.  Stamp reads CARTER STABLER ADAMS LTD POOLE ENGLAND



Mark no. 21 together with retailers mark for B. Altman & Co

Mark no. 21 together with retailers mark reading "Made in England exclusively for B. Altman & Co."  Altmans were a New York department  store opened in 1989



Poole Pottery factory mark 29

Factory mark no. 29 in use between 1930-present




Everest and Plane Ware marks used together with impressed "Poole England" mark no. 19 above



Poole Pottery factory mark

Hand inscribed mark found on small concave base (presumably not suitable for stamp). Pot dates between 1934-37



Poole factory mark 34

Factory mark no.34 in use between 1935-96.  Used on items where there was little room to use other marks, e.g. on base of lamps and toast racks



factory mark 34

Factory mark no. 36 in use between 1951-55


Poole factory mark 37

Factory mark no. 37 in use between 1952-55


Poole factory mark 39

Factory mark no. 39 in use between 1955-59



Poole factory mark 41

Factory mark no. 41 in use between 1959-67



Variation on 1959-67 stamp found on Twintone      

Variations on 1959-67 stamp found on some Twintone and Black Pebble Twintone items



Poole Pottery Brownsea Castle Mark    Poole Pottery Stamp on Wessex Industrial Trucks promotional gift

Variations on 1959-67 stamp on back of Brownsea Castle plate, and on Wessex Industrial Trucks promotional gift of Delphis shape no. 82 pin dish.



John Waddington Ltd Promotion

Mark used on promotional bowl made for games and Monopoly manufacturer Waddington LTD, used in conjunction with Poole factory Mark no. 41 above



Poole factory mark 42

Factory mark no. 42 in use between 1960-69



Factory mark no. 43 in use between 1962-644  Used on Poole Studio wares



Poole factory mark 46

Factory mark no. 46 in use between 1964-66.  Used on Poole Studio wares



Poole factory mark 47

Factory mark no. 47 in use between 1966-80.  Used on Delphis and Aegean wares



Poole factory mark 48

Factory mark no. 48 in use between 1967-72



Thomas Hardy, born 1840 at Higher Bockhampton, Produced by Poole Pottery for the Hardy Festival 1968 Stamp    Matapan Motor Launch 1968 Stamp

Variations on 1867-72 Stamps on found Poole Commemorative ware



Poole Pottery factory mark 50

Factory mark no. 50 in use between 1970-72



Poole factory mark 51

Factory mark no. 51 in use on Aegean ware between 1970-80



Poole Pottery Mark no 53 found on Atlantis wares

Factory mark no. 53 in use between 1973-76



Poole factory mark 58

Factory mark no. 58 in use between 1973-80



Poole factory mark 59

Factory mark no.59 in use between 1973-74



Poole Pottery factory mark 62

Factory mark no.62 in use between 1970-99



Poole Pottery factory mark 63

Factory mark no.63 in use between 1970-76



Factory mark no.70 in use on Olympus wares during 1978.  Impressed under glaze and quite hard to read here but reads "POOLE STONEWARE ENGLAND"



Poole Pottery Factory mark used  on Leyland and Birmingham Rubber Company Ltd commemorative plate

Factory mark used on transfer printed Commemorative plate for the Leyland and Birmingham Rubber Company Ltd. 1987



Poole Pottery factory mark 89

Factory mark no.89 in use between 1993-1999



Poole factory mark 97

Factory mark no.97 in use between 2005-present


The information here has comes from the Leslie Hayward book which you will find in the bibliography and which contains a comprehensive list of all marks used at Poole

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