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Poole Pottery Timeline

The Carter name has been associated with pottery at Poole since1873, when Jesse Carter purchased the Architectural Pottery on the Poole’s East Quay.  By the early 1900’s the new company of Carter and Co. had established a solid reputation for the production of ceramic tiles and architectural finance.

In contrast, art pottery production was initially undertaken only on a small scale.  In the early 1990’s Owen Carter brought into greater focus to potting, when he began making lusterware vases, dishes and candlesticks, that were very much in vogue at the time.  However, this timeline starts with developments that were to first lead to large scale production of hand-made domestic earthenware pottery in the 1920's










Outbreak of World War I.  Defense of the Realm Act restricts production of decorative architectural tiles - Poole Pottery's major products at this time

Vorticism journal "Blast" published, edited by Wyndham Lewis it folded after the for 2nd copy.  Three years earlier Wassily Kandinsky, Franz Marc and others form "The Blue Rider" group

James Radley Young establishes a small department, within the architectural pottery at Poole, to produce domestic pottery. Some of this was unglazed, but there was also a new pairing, of a red earthenware body with a white slip and a transparent tin glaze. These first “delft” vases were painted with simple "sprig" decoration and are synonymous with the Poole Pottery "Traditional ware" of later decades 1915






On this side of the timeline I've listed significant historical events, together with external artistic influences which may (I have no evidence) have influenced later design.


Postcard of Durban War Memorial

New creative impetuous came when designers Harold and Phoebe Stabler and potters John and Truda Carter joined the factory and in 1921, and a new company was formed – Carter, Stabler and Adams.

Grape pattern designed by Erna Manners for Delft vase.  Over following years numerous similarly elaborate patterns would be designed by Truda Adams for decorating the Traditional wares






Poole Pottery Traditional Grape Pattern 566/TR Erna Manners      Ruth Pavley joins Poole Pottery as a decorator 1922


                          Poole Pottery Traditional vase 354 OR Gertie Warren                  




Andre Bretton publishes the Surrealist Manifesto, advocating Automatic Drawing (taking a line for a walk) seen in later works by Joan Miró and Paul Klee







Paris International Exhibition popularises Jazz Modern (Art Deco) influences


Painting the design at Poole                                           Poole Pottery At Deco vase 205_BY_Nellie_Bishton                                      Poole Pottery Traditional vase 584_LD_Phyllis_Way    

                          Poole Pottery At Deco 288 EE Nellie Bishton                   

Picotee9no402  "Picotee" range devised by John Adams and Leslie Elsden

    "Everest" and "Plane Ware" created by John Adams 



         Poole Museum display of Poole Pottery Everest wares           Poole Pottery Plane Ware bowl

Poole Pottery Traditional vase 354 V Myrtle Bond          Red earthenware body replaced by white earthenware




Carter and Co.'s red clay pits are exhausted


Development of "Streamline" table ware range by John Adams






Earnest Baggaley joins Poole Pottery and with John Adams develops  2-colour combination glazes later named "Twintone"




          Poole Pottery twintone tea set C95

Production of decorative wears for home market stopped and production switched to produce plain Utility Wares 1939 World War II begins 






Abstract Expressionism - Jackson Pollock starts to drip paint


Lucian Myers replaces John Adams as Managing Director




Alfred Read Joins Poole as head of design




Festival of Britain




Restrictions lifted on sales of decorative ceramic wares to the home market


"Freeform" shapes designed by Alfred Read and Guy Sydenham

"Contemporary" patterns developed by Alfred Read and Ruth Pavley 





Poole Pottery freeform vase PY350                                                                                                      

Robert Jefferson joins Poole






     "Contour" table ware range designed by Robert Jefferson






Robert Jefferson and Guy Sydenham relaunch Poole Studio as the "Crafts Section" producing the "Studio" forerunners of what was to become the "Delphis" range

herb garden oven to table     Poole "Oven to Table" ware designed by Robert Jefferson







Poole Pottery Compact trio.jpg (82877 bytes)  

"Compact" table ware range designed by Robert Jefferson

Stabler, Carter and Adams Ltd. officially renamed Poole Pottery







  Tony Morris joins Poole Pottery

"Delphis" collection launched at Heal's department store, London

 "Green Diamond" Jars designed by Robert Jefferson




        Poole Pottery Green Diamond Stroage Jars

Bokhara jam pot    "Bokhara" range of jars and vases designed by Robert JeffersonPoole Helios table lamp Robert Jefferson 1964                                   1964



Poole Pottery merger with Pilkington Tiles



      Poole Pottery Atlantis Guy Sydenham                        "Atlantis" range developed by Guy Sydenham 1969


Aegean lamp base    "Aegean" range developed by Leslie Elsden 1970
Delphis glazes restricted to 4 basic colours and decorators paid at piece rates to increase speed of production

Poole Delphis 32 Cynthia Bennett





Pilkington Tile's (and Poole)  taken over by Thomas Tiling Group






Poole Pottery centenary


Poole Pottery Olympus bud vase       "Olympus" range designed by Ros Sommerfelt




                                Thrower in the Poole Crafts Section

Crafts Section closes after several years of decline








 Beginning my own Journey







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