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Buying and Selling Poole Pottery

Buying and Selling on eBay

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I've made over 500 transactions on eBay over the past few years and 95% of these have have gone very smoothly, and the vast majority of people are friendly and fair in their approach to others.  This is really a guide for eBay novices, it's based largely on my own experiences, with tips for buying and selling which in the end are of just two sides of the same coin.


Read descriptions carefully.   If an item is undamaged a good description should say so clearly (If it doesn't contact the seller and ask).  Some sellers will list items "as found", A/F, or sold as seen - I personally never bid for these.  Since you cant handle the item yourself, it really is the sellers job to verify the condition.

Look at the sellers feedback (This will tell you if other buyers have had problems).

Lots of buyers will track items until the last few minutes or seconds of a sale before bidding, so expect the price to rocket at the end.  If you've made an early bid, and there's only a small margin between the current price and your maximum bid, then there's a good chance you wont win the item.

Pay for items using paypal.  It does mean more commission been paid by the seller, but increases your protection as a buyer also.

I have on a few occasions received damaged Pots.  Sometimes there were damaged in the post (see below), sometimes they had old cracks which the seller hadn't spotted.  When this has happened sellers have refunded me on all but one occasion.  When you first receive an item examine if for any damage, and if you spot any, contact the seller.  Be polite, as its likely to be a honest mistake.  Take a photo of the damage and email this to the seller.  Agree a refund (including postage costs) on return of the item.  Make sure you send by recorded delivery (The one time, mentioned above, that I lost out on a purchase was a result of the seller claiming not to have received the pot I'd returned).  Once you've been refunded leave positive feedback.  I think as a buyer you can expect to get refunded so keep communications friendly and polite and if the seller wont cooperate then use the eBay/paypal dispute process, and then leave negative feedback.

 As a buyer the best thing about eBay is the shear size of the marketplace for Poole Pottery, I really can't imagine how rubbish my collection would be without it.


Despite, no doubt, the huge numbers of bargain hunting eBayers, it is sometimes possible to get a Poole Pottery bargain.  The cheapest pots I've bought are from people who haven't followed the rules below.

Take good photos, I take shots of the base and inside as well and "supersize" them.

Give as full a description as you can.  If an item is in perfect condition, say so.  With Poole Pottery even though you might expect there to be crazing, it's best to note this in the description also.

There's always a risk, but I think, I get better prices by stating all my listings at 0.99 with no reserve.  Reserves on eBay always put me off bidding.

List items to end at times when the maximum numbers of people will be watching.  Most Items I've sold in the UK are to UK buyers, so list at weekends, in the evenings, and not during "The Antiques Road Show"

Protect your own feedback by been a good seller. I think you have to be prepared to give refunds if buyers aren't satisfied.  If you don't have any feedback, build up some positive feedback on smaller items people will take a risk on before listing your huge Tony Morris charger.

Posting Items

Always send things by recorded mail: Royal Mail Signed for is a good option.

Pack items well.  As a seller you will carry the cost of any damage in the post.  For pottery, you need a strong and much too big box, with lots of loose filling around all sides of the pot.   The amount of sellotape you use won't protect anything.  Items I've bought that have arrived damaged have been either too tightly packed, or packaged in too small a box.  Plates are especially vulnerable, because they fit easily into jiffy bags.


































O dear, page this was meant to build confidence.

Broken Poole Pottery Delphis no 3Broken Poole Pottery Delphis spear shaped sweet dishBroken Poole Pottery Delphis no 4

Seriously, these are the exception, virtually all the other perfect pots on this site came safely through the post.



One last note of caution.  If your like me, and do most of your buying and selling on eBay, then your unlikely to ever make much profit.  Once you've taken into account costs for postage, ebay listing fees, final value fees and paypal commission then there's not much left for you.  However, as a collector, ebay does allow you to trade-in and upgrade your collection.  As your tastes develop its unlikely that the pots you first found are the ones you'll want to keep.


Go on, you know you want to!



Started December 2008                                                                                                                                                            Last updated: 27/05/2018