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Just click on an image to start.     Welcome to my Poole Pottery website.     If you're already a Poole fan, then hopefully you'll enjoy what you see and keep coming back, as I will keep updating.  And if you don't yet know much about Poole Pottery, then I hope the site will spark an interest in this fabulous stuff. Robert Jefferson Tableware Factory Stamps - Help identifying Poole Pottery factory marks and  base stamps with dates for which these were in production - the most extensive list you'll find on the web! Delphis Plates Gallery - 1960's art pottery developed by Guy Sydenham and Robert Jefferson Poole Collections and Museum - review and photos from my visit in 2009
Contemporary and Freeform Gallery - the New Look for the 1950's showing 1950's - designs by Alfred Read and Ruth Pavely Traditional Poole Pottery Home - with two galleries of Art Deco designs by John Adams and Truda Adams (Truda Carter) Delphis and Poole Studio Galleries Home, 3 Galleries of Psychadelic Art Pottery developed by Guy Sydenham Robert Jefferson and Tony Morris

The Carter name became associated with pottery in 1873, when Jesse Carter purchased the Architectural Pottery on Pooleís East Quay. New creative impetus arrived when silversmith Harold Stabler, sculptor Phoebe Stabler and potters John and Truda Adams joined the factory and in 1921, and a new company was formed Ė Carter, Stabler and Adams (Ltd).  A name it kept until 1963, when CSA officially adopted itís long time colloquial name Poole Pottery Ltd.

Delphis Vases and Bowls Gallery - developed by Guy Sydenham, Robert Jefferson and Tony Morris

Art pottery was made at Poole throughout the whole of the 20th Century.  It was influenced early on by the Arts and Crafts Movement and later by artists associated with the Omega Workshop.  It stayed true (more or less) to its hand-crafted ethos, as individual designers and potters came and went, each leaving their own unique mark, and taking the pottery forward, through the Jazz Modern era, to the post-war "New Look", and on into the Swinging Sixties.


The pottery Iíve collected mainly dates from these three distinct periods, the mid-1920's to mid-1930's Art Deco period (Traditional), the mid-1950's (Contemporary) and the mid 1960's to early 1970's (Delphis).  For me Poole Pottery during these periods was at the cutting edge of ceramic design, and as such the pots really typify the eras in which they were made.  There are galleries for each of these periods, with three for Delphis ware (Delphis PlatesDelphis Vases and Bowls and 49'er Gallery) and four for Art Deco Poole (Traditional Gallery 1, Gallery 1.5, Gallery 2 and Gallery 3). There are also galleries for Tableware, with sections for Twintone  and other tableware designs by Robert Jefferson.  There's a gallery for Guy Sydenham and finally a Miscellaneous gallery for everything else Poole that I've collected.  And, just so you don't feel left out, there's a gallery for Your Pots too, which also includes my reviews of collections on public display in UK museums, in Poole, Abweystwyth and the V&A in London.  And lastly, because there are always new pieces joining my collection, (sometimes) some have to go to make room and a selection of these can be purchased on the Sales Page.


I've also included some reference material, for anyone who's interested, or who's planning to start a collection of their own. There's a Poole Pottery Timeline, with Gallery of old Poole Pottery Postcards, trade Adverts, a stab at identifying some possible Fine Art influences, and a little potted history of where my collecting first began (Rob's Poole Pottery Collection Prequel).  There's also a section on Identifying and Dating Poole Pottery, including a list of Factory StampsDecorators Marks and Shape Numbers.  As well as a Poole Pottery Price Guide, together with a guide to Buying and Selling on eBay, a guide to previous Top Prices Paid on eBay and a guide to buying at Antiques and Collectors Fairs.  And finally there's a Bibliography  and a Links page too.


You can navigate through the site using the menu bar at the top, or by clicking on the images, as most have hyperlinks embedded for larger views.  And if your get really lost, you can always refer to the site map.


I will keep on updating this site, and any substantial changes I'll flag on the "What's New" drop down menu above.  And to keep my postings as upto date as possible, I've also started a Poole Pottery blog where you can see all my latest finds.  So if your making a return visit, it may be worth checking out these links first.  Finally, Feedback is always welcome, so if you like what you've seen and want make a comment, or want to read what other visitors have to say, have a look at my Guest Book, and thank you to everyone who's left comments so far. 


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Identify and Date Poole Pottery - Factory Marks, Painters Marks and shape numbers Your Pottery Gallery - Fantastic collections of your own
Poole Delphis No 49 Pin Dish Gallery - every one unique Poole Timeline - from Carter Tiles onwards
Links to other pottery sites on the internet Twintone and Kitchenalia Gallery - the best 1950's and 1960's tableware by John Adams, Earnest Baggaley, Alfred Read and Robert Jefferson
Traditional Poole Pottery Gallery 2 - Geometric Patterns and early designs Poole Pottery Decorators Marks - identify the paintress' and dates for your pottery
Traditional Poole Pottery Gallery 1 - Jazz Modern or Art Deco designs by John Adams and Truda Carter Poole Price Guide - regularly updated with latest ebay sales prices
Items For Sale My collection just wont stop growing. The pots mostly come from eBay but a few are from fairs and antique centers too. I've collected Poole Pottery for five years now and have more pots than are healthy and too many to post on here, but some of my favourites are on show in the galleries. Miscellaneous Gallery -  with Living Glaze Furnace Picottee and Aegean

The eBay links  pay me a couple of pence each time they're clicked.  I hope they're not too obtrusive, and perhaps are even useful.  And if you do happen to click on them, at least you'll be helping to fund my pottery habit.

Not Poole Pottery but Just as Good

Buying and Selling Poole Pottery on eBay - tips from an ebay addict


Bibliography - All you'll ever need to know about Poole Pottery Antiques and Collectors Fairs - when ebay runs out

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