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There's more to life then ebay (I'm told), and now and then, I do venture outside and look for Poole Pottery at local antiques fairs.  I'm lucky in living not too far from what must be some of the biggest in the UK.  


The International Antiques and Collectors Fair at the Newark Show Ground is held every few months on a Thursday and Friday.  Thursday gate prices are quite high, so being tight and as Friday is my day off work, Friday is usually when I go.

For me eBay prices provide the bench mark for what I'm willing to pay elsewhere, but even after a day of other collector scouring the stalls I usually come away with one or two nice bits of pottery.   And in fact I've got some of my favorite pots from Newark.  I guess there's nothing that's going to get you digging deep into your pockets more than holdings your dream pot in your hands. (did I just say that?) 

Anyway there's a mix of indoor and outdoor/tented stalls, so a sunny day helps, and a good mix of traders.  A lot of reasonably priced general dealers outside and in the cowsheds and some fairly top-end retail and more specialist stalls in the carpeted areas.  You'll need a full day to get round it all, and get there early, as lots of stallholders start packing up by mid afternoon.  Also, if you can, take a friend who's strong enough to carry loads, or better still one one who has deep pockets!

Swinderby and Lincoln

For a long time there's been a giant fair at the old RAF Swinderby airfield in Lincolnshire.  This was always timed a couple of days before the Newark Fair.  It was a bit more varied, more open air, more car booty than Sotheby's and I think with more items new to the market.  And definitely with better chances of nabbing a bargain, so some of the Newark stall holders would buy stock at Swinderby to sell on a few days later.

Anyway last year the Swinderby Fair moved venue to Lincoln and the the organizers of the Newark fair started running their own "feeder" fair at Swinderby. So now there are two of them both on the same days at the beginning of the week, and who knows if both will survive.  I've not been to either yet, so cant say which is better, but if anyone's been to either I'd be very much like to know.

Smaller fairs near me, that I also like going to, are held at Doncaster Racecourse, Wetherby Racecourse and Kedleston Hall near Derby.  A couple of hours is usually all you need for these ones





Started December 2008                                                                                                                                                            Last updated: 27/05/2018