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Irritated by the Goggle ads on my website? Well here are some less gratuitous adverts published in the Pottery Gazette and Glass Trade Review.




Although I suspect pottery critics at the time were generally quite gentle on their subjects and perhaps used no harsher words than "fine effort" or "serviceable", they do appear to have been really quite taken with the Poole Pottery stand at the 1931 British Industries Fair.


CARTER, STABLER & ADAMS LTD., Poole Dorset, had a magnificent stand, which was very choicely displayed with the latest examples or their famous hand-made and hand-decorated matt-glazed ware. It would be quite impossible for us to do justice to such an outstanding exhibit in a few sentences. We propose, therefore, merely to make a brief mention here of this admirable range of pottery of character and individuality, leaving ourselves free to deal with it in a later issue more in the manner that it deserves. We must, however, remark before passing on, that we heard many expressions of unfeigned admiration over the latest achievements in "Poole" ware, which seems to have made its mark in a special field, without references to what manufacturing potters in other parts of the country are doing.


Pottery Gazette and Glass Trade Review, April 1931















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