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The Poole Museum Aberystwyth University Private Collections

The Victoria and Albert Museum

(Photo courtesy of rictulio)

Victoria and Albert Museum Grand Entrance



The Victoria and Albert Museum must be pottery heaven, and quite a lot of Poole pots that have made it there. The redesigned ceramics galleries were unveiled in 2010: On the sixth floor, eleven large galleries are crammed (some more than others) with ceramics.  But there is still lots more pottery scattered throughout the rest of the museum, and the building itself even appears to be half made of ceramic, with lavish architectural pottery everywhere you look.  On a busy day in the cafe, it feels as if your crammed like sardines into a rather sumptuous majolica tureen, which is perhaps less pleasant than it sounds. 


Victoria and Albert Museum Grand Entrance

Museum foyer with glass sculpture by Dale Chihuly


More than any other museum, the V&A goes out of its way to make a complete spectacle of itself.  As in the photo above, there are just so many amazing spaces and objects, large and small, many of which can be seen here in the Flickr V&A group pool


Anyway, onwards to the pottery.  The photos below showing some Poole highlights, although, there are still a few spectacular pots I'm not sharing here, to save a few surprises for any prospective visitors.  But if you can't go in person, the collection can also be searched and viewed on the V&A's online database.  Try searching for Carter Stabler Adams, or Poole Pottery, each brings up a few pages of results.



Factory Ceramics 1900 - 1925

Factory Ceramics 1950 - 1975

Room 140 - Factory Ceramics After 1900

Here's where you'll find most of the Poole Pottery including the pots in the photos below



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Left, Studland coffee set designed by Harold Stabler in 1930 in Apple Green glaze, Centre, Blue and white slip decorated storage jars, possibly designed by Harold Stabler, with carved lettering by Margaret Holder 1927-28 - you ca see more of these in my collection here.  Right, Cornish Ware, Gravy boat and jug, made by T G Green and Co. 1927

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51. Freeform vase in a perfect combination of pattern and shape. Shape number 352 designed by Guy Sydenham and Alfred Read and painted in PW or Loops pattern designed by Ruth Paveley in 1956-57. 

52. Freeform vase in Black Panther glaze, shape number 724 designed by Guy Sydenham and Alfred Read


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Carved Delphis Vase Shape number 85 painted by Jean Millership, 1966-69

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Green Lustre glaze stoneware vase designed by Owen Carter in 1908, with a second red lustre glaze Owen Carter vase behind




Step by Step Guide to Pottery MaterialsTechniques

Room 143. Making Ceramics

China Roulleting Inlaying Luster Reduction Coiling Jasper Burnishing Tin-glaze Jollying Hump-moulding Pate-sur-pate Underglaze Lathe-turning Waster Riveting Wedging Bungs 

With Wordy Frieze 

Fritware Pinching Slipware Celadon Bone china Roulleting Inlaying Luster Reduction Coiling Jasper Burnishing Tin-glaze 

Jollying Hump-moulding Pate-sur-pate Underglaze Lathe-turning Waster Riveting Wedging Bungs and that's just half of it.



China Gallery - making the most of the natrual light

Room 136.  China

Second of two long principle galleries - World Ceramics

Room 145.  World Ceramics









Far too much to look at here, but a few lables help

Two long galleries, rooms 137 and 139 house the rest (I guess) of the V&As collection. Floor to ceiling cases crammed with pots.  It's a look that most collectors end up with.
































































One Cabinet of Many


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At first I thought it was just horrid figurines like these that fashion had relegated to the stacks


Portugese Stripe and Geometric Pattern Poole Pottery Vases

But in Cabinet 39 there's more lovely Poole


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Including this huge galleon (51 cm tall), designed by Harold Stabler in 1925


Getting There

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This map is interactive - right click to zoom in, left click pan out


The map shows an aerial view of the museum, if you zoom out there's a tube stop named South Kensington just off to the south.






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